Blocks Rehabilitation

Blocks Rehabilitation

Return of the physical, mental and emotional status

When recovery from a certain disease is difficult and slow, the various and qualitative methods of rehabilitation at a multitude of levels come to help. The assistance needed is focused onto the return of the physical, mental and emotional status of the patient prior to the disease / the trauma.

The hospital for rehabilitation shall be a place for recovery offering the latest world technologies in the sphere of rehabilitation. Our vision is that it should turn into the most modern rehabilitation center in Southeast Europe, including a hospital with 100 beds and a center of outpatient aid focusing onto rehabilitation services.

For the purpose Blocks cooperates with the most prestigious rehabilitation center in the world – Shirley Ryan Ability Lab. Without exception, in the last 30 years, Shirley Ryan has been a rehabilitation hospital number one in the USA as well as the hospital with the biggest research budget throughout the world in the field of rehabilitation and physical medicine.

The rehabilitation hospital was designed by the American architectural studio HKS Architects – a leading company in the building up of medical treatment facilities throughout the world.

Technologies as anti-gravity paths, a hydrotherapy pool and a water running path for rehabilitation as well as high-tech robotized devices for movement shall be offered for the first time in Bulgaria.

Expected inauguration: 2022